July 2, 2021

Put off


Some things we put off not because they’re hard, although they are hard, and not because they’ll need a level of concentration that we can’t spare at the moment, although they do need the focus and we certainly convince ourselves that we can’t spare it. They get put off because of the combination. They’re hard, they need focus, and we’re kinda busy right now.

In which case, suck it up. Suck up the work or suck up giving excuses.

Then there’s a worse category – when and all those things are true but you’re also relying on somebody else to do the work and make the decision and push this thing forward, and over whom you have no overt influence.

In which case, suck it up. Or … offer every possible help to make it easier, provide the focus and increase the priority.

Skippy strategy: Make it something they (you) want to do.