March 30, 2018

Rabbit hole


We all fall down the rabbit hole once in a while. It’s a strange and interesting place that guarantees wonderful distractions with the added potential of turning up trumps. It’s also a time suck that keeps you separate from the real world above, and just might make everyone worry and some to lose interest and wander away on their own.

And we know. We know we’re falling. We know we’ve strayed from the path and we’re basing the adventure on hope and assumptions. Hope it will turn out for the good, assumption that everything will be ok when we get back.

And pretty often, we know it’s an indulgence we’re allowing ourselves to get away with when we wouldn’t let anyone else. Which means it’s for when no one else is relying on you.

If that’s true, climb out and back with the team.

Skippy strategy: Indulge curiosity … long enough to know.