April 2, 2020

Rarest commodity


Not everything goes to plan. Sometimes though, there’s upside. Take delays. Delays mean having to wait around – for the part, the next opportunity, the code, the customer – and having to wait around means filling your time with something else. So delays can be an opportunity defined less by what’s not happening and more by what you do with that rarest commodity, time.

And time, that’s a gift.

What will you do with it? Go back and fix some technical debts, take another swing at that thing, apply some polish, move over to that other thing, chow down on your one-day-maybe to-do list, start something new, finish something old, spend some quality time with your team, plan for what happens next, set out a vision for what comes after next?

Forced delays are about so much more than the delay or the force.

Skippy strategy: Use the delay to take control.