April 14, 2021

Reality is happening


The calendar turns. You breathe in, you breathe out. The to do list is crunched. You wrestle  your email, overcome the day to day, manage the problems and take one step forward and one step back.

Never in control of anything, never deterministic in anything other than vague intentions and kinda-sorta directions of travel, everybody busy standing in place. Reality is happening to you. Drifting.

The answer, always the answer: stand still, take a breath, gather your brightest around a table and put someone in charge of the whiteboard. Assess where you are, a little history for how we got here, an honest question – with humility – about where we, we, we would like to go if, if, if we commit, if we train our efforts, and if there’s any kind of following wind. Then work out how to get there. Then do that.

Skippy strategy: The where, followed by the how.