December 23, 2017

Reasonable expectations


When people have unreasonable expectations, they tend to be let down.

It’s about resources.

Unreasonable means: the resources available aren’t or can’t be spared.

So be reasonable.

Reasonable means: we have the resources and they can be made available.

Which might mean tough choices.

That whilst it might be hard, and whilst it might take more work and longer hours and eat up more time and cash and people than would normally be available …  given the importance of the task at hand … with a strong push and allowing for gravity … maybe, just maybe … we can do it. It will take sacrifice. It will mean dropping other tasks so we can focus our attention. It means accepting the possibility of failure, but agreeing that we will do everything we can to make it happen.

And “everything” includes clearing a path.

Skippy strategy: To avoid disappointment, be reasonable.