November 8, 2021

Red flags


We’re all running. From meeting to meeting, email to email, objective to objective. We have so much to do, so many calls on our time, so much pressure to keep on being busy-busy just to keep up with all the things other people want from us. Somewhere in there, we drive our own agenda, pushing and pushing to get things done.

And we miss things.

We miss the red flags being waived right there in the data, we miss the little cries for help from out team, we miss the relationship going south with our suppliers, we miss the customer looking out the window.

Look for the flags, listen from the cries. And when you notice, always slow down – even if just for a minute – and ask what was that, why was that, what does it mean?

Skippy strategy: When the red flags are waiving, stop and find out why.