February 24, 2019

Remove uncertainty


Tangled, complex, uncertain, unsure, ambiguous, up for debate, arguable, pending.

Every time you come up against any one of these issues you miss a beat or twenty. Each instruction or objective or method or route or process that falls into any ambiguous category sucks time and progress from your day and the project.

Straightforward, clear, certain, sure, simple, decided, sorted, direct.

Every time you come across something settled, you pick it up, take it in stride and get on with the next part of your day.

Sure, some things need to be reviewed, and some things haven’t been nailed down yet, but the more you leave dangling for your team, the more circles they’ll turn, the more deep breaths they’ll take, and the slower they’ll go.

Today, your job is to remove uncertainty as much as you can.

Skippy strategy: The fastest route is the clearest.