March 14, 2020

Results of evolution


From the time we last met to now, the thought has evolved in your head. You’ve prodded it and poked it, you’ve added more data and the spark of insight, you’ve talked about it at home and around the water cooler, and it’s turned into something … different. The sense of urgency has waned, the relaxation has tightened, the technologies and partners and timelines and dependencies have been wrassled from one place to another.

You did all that, and the rest of us worked with our own results of evolution.

It’s possible/probable that we’re all in different places.

It’s possible/probable that we started in different directions and have been running at different speeds.

It’s possible/probable that we could all benefit from an update, starting with standing still and agreeing where we’re all at.

Skippy strategy: Take this opportunity to agree on the page and get back on it.