November 13, 2016

Right now


How did it get to right now?

That thing I’ve been working on, that you didn’t know about, that I now need your input for, like yesterday, or we’ll miss the deadline. It’s decision time, and we have no time for debate, so how about I make something up and you rubber stamp it? OK, it’s really complicated, so let me explain it quickly, and then when you ask obvious question, I’ll get frustrated and jump to the solution I had anyway.

Because, I need an answer. Right! Now!

The best time for a decent conversation? Five minutes before you close it down, or an appropriate time earlier? (The clue: “appropriate”)

When you need input, give the problem the respect it deserves, give the people the space they need, give everything enough time to mature.

Skippy strategy: Right now started weeks ago, use the time.