November 20, 2023

Rocks into pebbles


So many meetings. So very very many meetings. Talking and talking and talking about everything and nothing. The good ones end in some kind of conclusion – where the decisions are summarised and the actions noted and the responsibilities set.

And then the sun rises anew and the day-to-day needs a catch up, and new fires need fighting, and other meetings are calling, and the action list gets longer or dustier as intention and commitment fade to wish and desire. And more often than is healthy .. the next time we meet … we talk again, decide again and know that no one will pick up the rock.

Say it ain’t so.

Make it not so.

Take your responsibilities, cut them into pebble size pieces, pick them up. Turn the to-do list into an it’s-done list. At the next meeting, look forward not back.

Skippy strategy: Turn rocks into pebbles, pick them up.