June 30, 2018

Room for better


The last time we did anything like this, some things went well and some things, let’s face it, could have been better. When we hired the fella, launched the product, designed the process, chose the partner, shipped to Macedonia, chose the site, updated the terms – the last time we did anything, there was good and bad of the thing.

At the start line of the next time … it’s a fantasy to think it will be any different if we don’t learn the lessons and manage the risks we now know are there … so there’s a choice: risk a repeat or manage for success?

First, a review – what went well, what wen’t badly, what was ok-ish but left room for better? How long did it take, where were the bottlenecks?

Second, because we’ve been here before, do things smarter with your eyes wide open.

Skippy strategy: Learn and adjust.