May 7, 2021

Room in the tactics


It’s extremely compelling to believe that every tactic takes us one step closer to our strategic imperatives. And tactics themselves are extremely compelling – compelling in the sense that they urge attention, compelling in that we’re drawn towards them.

What’s not so obvious is that every tactic takes us in the direction of where we want to go; just look back at the busy-ness of your week and see how much of what you’ve done is tactical manoeuvring in service of the week itself, and how much genuinely moves the stick even a small pace in the direction of your transformation goals.

We absolutely have to deal with the reality of the day-to-day, but we have to have the discipline to not let it overwhelm the strategic swings we’ve set our year on. At least, not every day.

Skippy strategy: Make room in the tactics and allow the strategy to breathe.