March 24, 2020

Ropes were tied


At the end of the meeting, the one-to-one, the conference call, actions are noted and things wrapped up. Then the world turns and everyone goes back to the day job, all those things that kept them busy before the meeting and will keep them busy after.

Some will hit their deadlines, some won’t. Some will meet their objectives, some won’t. Some will put the effort in, some won’t. Some will prioritise the team work, some will do the next thing that’s in front of them or the thing that’s shouting loudest.

If it was your meeting, if you care about the commitments that were made, that the ropes were tied … you can leave it to change or you can follow up.

How’s it going, is there anything you need that will help, are you on schedule for the thing?

Skippy strategy: You can hope, or you can follow up.