May 11, 2016

Routine blindness


So much of building a business is about feeling.

In the early days: the numbers, the people, the products, the customers, the direction, the focus, the process, the strategy, the everything. Holding things together is an exercise in being right more often than wrong. At least on the bigger calls – the judgement calls.

To not know anything and make decisions anyway.

And if you’re lucky and good, you can pull it off.

And flying blind becomes routine.

And it gets to feel normal.

But the thing is, it isn’t.

And it isn’t smart.

Keeping every variable spinning in your head leaves too little room for thinking and gets in the way of help.

Empty your head. Write things down. See the numbers. Deal in reality. Share your thinking. Map out and prepare for what’s coming. Enlist help. Build the next phase.

Skippy strategy: Things feel different when you can see where you’re going.