June 27, 2017

Running scared?


In any project, any deal, any action involving anyone outside of your group … there are rumours.

He-said, she-said, they’re on-board, she’s working against, he has his own agenda, they’re playing us, they’re working with someone else, he’s moving on, they’re waiting for her, she’s our biggest fan.

Some of them are true. Most are not.

The trouble is knowing which is which.

And that’s something you can’t do without waiting to see how things play out, or getting direct answers.

Assuming for the moment that neither of those is easy … what to do?

Worry? Laugh it off? Ignore them? Run scared? No.

Work the contingencies? Yes.

Work out how things would change if the rumour were true. If it makes no difference, forget about it. If the impact is small, carry on. If the effect is large … prepare, prepare, prepare.

Skippy strategy: Work with what you know.