November 13, 2023

Saw tooth


Nobody likes a saw tooth. The kind of person who is either running at a thousand miles an hour, all over a project, communicating at the speed of thought … and then nothing … as their attention moves to the next thing, and the next, and the next … until they’re back on the first thing again, peaking back to the top of the tooth again.

More, more, more, nothing. More, nothing, more, nothing.

Customers hate it – they think they’re on to something, and then they’re abandoned …

Suppliers hate it – they think they’ve found an interesting partner, and they they’re cut loose …

Colleagues up, down and sideways hate it – they think they’re making progress, and then they’re on their own, wondering what happened and how to get to the other side …

… until they’re picked up again, and it’s go-go-go again.

Skippy strategy: Flatten the tooth, eliminate the gaps – consistency counts.