May 20, 2019

Scoring points


You know, and they know, that you are right or they have done something wrong. And when tensions run high, it’s tempting to score points; to poke a finger in the issue and wriggle it about a bit, to (not so) subtly let their boss know that the reason we’re in the position is all about them, to remind everyone in the room that Tab A really should be in Slot B by now and the reason it isn’t is sitting over there.

The thing about point scoring … the points are out there. And the person you scored them off, will see them every time they see you or your name or your email. And even when they accept they caused a problem, they’ll remember who made it worse for them.

Don’t let things slide, but focus less on ringing bells and more on making things happen.

Skippy strategy: Focus on outcomes.