March 29, 2019

Sensors wide


Focus is huge.

If there’s one way of getting one thing done it’s to concentrate all your resources on the one specific objective until that one thing sings.

The risk: tunnel vision.

Be aware that too tight a focus that precludes even the most shouty outside voices means you may miss essential facts. Like the world or the context or the requirement or the demand or the need changing. Like a risk that wasn’t even on the radar when you narrowed your vision looming larger are larger outside of view, or an opportunity that would excite and deserve attention shooting past without a glance.

The risk of staying alive to chance: chasing every rabbit and catching none.

Focus is huge. It is the secret to getting things done. Whilst focused, keep your peripheral vision switched on and pay attention to moving objects.

Skippy strategy: Narrow focus but sensors wide open.