August 18, 2017

Sharper tools


It’s definitely better to use sharper tools.

For customers … that means continuing to innovate, bringing your best thinking and best efforts to the table, adding value to every meeting, showing them the art of the possible, updating your products, managing the project and hitting the deadlines.

For staff … that means clearing their path, keeping the organisation out of their way so they’re not distracted from their best work, updating salaries and benefits and contracts so everyone understands the bargain, giving immediate feedback and support and glory, dealing with issues and managing the details.

For systems … that means reviewing and updating and reviewing and updating, nudging forward, reviewing again, no sacred cows, no decisions based on vested interests, answer today’s problems (not yesterday’s).

For companies … that means taking nothing for granted, tuning the radar, active decisions, eyes wide open and aware of the foreground, middle ground and far horizon.

Skippy strategy: Sharpen your tools.