September 3, 2018

Shifting the ratio

Big and small

There’s a ratio. The one between the time you spend solving the little problems, the high-pressure low-impact shouting-loudly issues that eat away at your day and year, and the time you spend on high-leverage make-a-lasting-difference problems.

Chances are, it’s not a flattering ratio. For someone who thinks of themselves as strategic – who imagines they’re working on the big issues, who sees their job as all about setting things up for winning tomorrow – you probably spend an order of magnitude more time on the small things than the big, more effort on the daily pressures of solving the problems that were created yesterday than on moving things along for tomorrow.

Is that true? Surely not. For a week, write down (in real time) how you spend your hours. It’s likely you’ll be surprised and disappointed.

With the knowledge in your timesheet, go about shifting the ratio.

Skippy strategy: No, really, where does your time go?