December 11, 2020

Ship has sailed


We have an opinion on everything, and sometimes that opinion isn’t in agreement with the received wisdom. Now what? Sometimes, the only way is to go at the received wisdom, get underneath it, examine it, expose its good points and bad, and come to a conclusion. If our opinion still stands, it’s time to make a change. If our opinion was ill found or premature, get over it and move on. So goes every day.

Sometimes though, the ship has sailed already and you have no choice but go along for the ride. The kind of thing that fits here: expensive, political, long-legged decisions.

It’s not that they’re unimportant, it’s that you may as well get on with other things – things you can deal with today – whilst you wait to make port where you can sort your resources for the next adventure.

Skippy strategy: If the ship has sailed already, wait.