May 10, 2016

Shoulder blades


All of us need a little prod every now and again. We know we should do something, that only we can do it, that it’s important (kinda) and that it might one day be the difference between good and bad, plus and minus, win and lose. But given the pressures of the day or the tempting of the sunshine outside … we sit on it … and sit on it … and sit on it.

And the calendar turns and we see it abandoned at the bottom of the to-do list with all the other important/non-urgent jobs.

Public commitment can work – tell everyone. Motivate yourself with the fear of humiliation.

Or enlist someone with a cattle-prod. Agree a deadline and give them instructions to poke you between the shoulder blades at every intermediate lag.

Skippy strategy: Ask someone to force you off your tuffet and into action.