August 28, 2021

Showing you care


Do you care? Do you really? Really? When you say you want something done, or done in a particular way, and then you move on to the next thing without ever looking back, without checking … do you care?

Accountability isn’t about making someone accountable. That’s not the trick. That’s not how things change or how best to ensure the result. It might work. Much more likely to produce the outcome you say you care about is to show not tell. To show them you’re interested instead of just telling them.

Accountability doesn’t mean hauling them across coals when they fail, it means following up, it means asking the questions, in means checking in to see how things are going along the way, it means helping them be successful, it means busting their blockers and pointing them in the right direction. It means showing you care.

Skippy strategy: Show them you care.