March 28, 2018

Shrink your assumptions


It’s a brilliant idea. At least that’s what everyone tells you. Everyone inside your inner-circle anyway. Everyone who knows you and trusts you and expects you to be right. They all thinks it’s brilliant. That you’re really on to something here.

Are you?

Option one is to work on the broad assumption that you’ve really nailed it this time. That the thing you conceived – the new product, process, service, idea, workaround, line of code, job role – is so bang on that the best next step is to hit the accelerator. And hard.

Option two … widen your circle. Talk to a few more people, include some who don’t know you, include some from the other side of the table, include some who look at the same issue from a tangential angle. Triangulate. Minimise your reliance (which means risk) on assumptions.

In other words, look before you lurch.

Skippy strategy: Shrink your assumptions.