June 24, 2015

Signal and noise


Picking out the signal amongst all the noise is one of the challenges. In the moment, everything feels important and it’s easy to get distracted by every skirmish.

The customer isn’t always right, but most of the time they give a pretty good steer. Listen, and they’ll tell you where your product should go, what features to add and markets to enter. Listen harder, you’ll find someone mashing your product into service in a way you never imagined – that may be the door to the next big thing.

Everybody on your team has an opinion about what needs fixing, who’s with the programme, and where the issues are mounting up. Some have ideas about where next and how to get there.

Everyone has an opinion: shareholders, colleagues, the media, that guy in finance, your friend from college, ex customers, new customers, recruitment candidates. There’s noise everywhere.

Stand apart from the fray, listen carefully, the signal appears.

Skippy Strategy: Notice consistent stories; they’re the source of the biggest opportunities.