February 6, 2019

Simple mess


There aren’t too many simple messes. Most problems can’t be described in one dimension. The route to solving them is working the parts.

It starts with the clearest definition you can muster of what the actual problem is. Along with the specific issue, you’re looking for routes causes. Honestly, with humility and candour. Places start: you, your team, vested interests, lack of management, past investments, missing intellectual firepower, immature technology, lack of cash – or more likely, a combination.

Now the plan for what you’re going to do about it. Which is about actions, but not just actions. Effective plans have to deal not just with objectives but obstacles. To do this … we need to overcome this issue … which we’ll do like this …

In other words, even if it is a silver bullet – you need the where, when, what, who and how of the thing.

Skippy strategy: Start with candour.