September 21, 2018

Simple things


We buy stuff – like time from our employees and service providers, and products from our suppliers – add value to it all, and sell it for more money that it costs. Nothing more straightforward than that.

The trouble comes when we make things complicated. Like the meetings that go nowhere, and the flip-flopping that wastes time and energy, like being wedded to out of date processes and inefficient suppliers and out of step staff who we’d never take on today but can’t seem deal with. We waste time and resources on obvious non-issues, and spend more time worrying about our tails than thinking about the future.

It really should be simple – not easy necessarily – but a simple process of adding A to B to make C – and finding someone who wants to buy C at a profitable rate.

Everything else … noise and distraction.

Skippy strategy: Focus on the simple things.