October 6, 2020

Simplify and streamline


How do you do your job? No, really, aside from all the human interactions, what exactly do you do to do your job? What data do you look at, what things do you interact with, what processes to you implement, what outputs do you produce, what do you report and to whom/

The only time we normally ask these questions is when it’s time to hand over to someone else. As we bring them in and delegate, or as we move on out and leave them behind.

How would that go for you? Would it be a ten minute briefing, ten days or ten months? How big a hole would you leave? How easy would it be for somebody to take over?

The goal here isn’t to document, (although, document), it’s to simplify and streamline.

Skippy strategy: If it’s complex, work out how ten steps can become two.