October 20, 2016

Six seconds


The only way to get perspective is to stand back. Sometimes with the added distance of time. But it doesn’t have to be six months or six years – it might just be six seconds.

So, get some perspective. Take a breath … and stand back.

From your desk, the decision, the presentation, the meeting, the summing up, the organisation, the structure.

For six seconds.

For perspective.

How does it look? Is it working? Any impact? It is a data point or a new way or thinking? Does it change anything? Do you want it to? How’s it going? It this right? Wrong? Him? Her?

There shouldn’t always be an instinctive reaction, you don’t have to leap from to task to task with endless motion.

There’s a gap … … you … … can … … use.

For perspective.

Skippy strategy: Before you react instinctively or segue seamlessly, stand back.