December 1, 2023

Slow bones


There’s something beautiful about working things out from first principles. The sheer logic of it, the digging down to the very bedrock and building it up one pebble at a time. The clarity gained from a fundamental understanding of each piece viewed from every angle, seeing how they fit, where they connect and what happens when they interact.

It’s a slow bones process.

Not quick, not easy, not something we can afford ourselves every time.

So next time, we build on what we know. Take some things as read and make progress on a working assumption that physics doesn’t change its laws every few days.

All that early work allows us to go faster this time, and faster still the next.

To go faster: work out the physics, systematise what you can and focus on the variables.

Skippy strategy: Don’t reinvent the wheel every time. Build on what you know.