January 2, 2021

Slower right


You can’t put in the bathroom before you’ve sorted the plumbing. Well, you can, but don’t expect anything to work. If you do it that way, expect it to be a mess for a long time as you retrofit – which means tearing down and building back – one unit at a time. It gets there in the end but wastes time and resources and causes frustration and irritation, especially to anyone who did the work, has to do the re-work, or is waiting to use the sink. Crazy. Nobody would fit the sink before the pipes. Nobody.

Except, everyone does. They hire the people ahead of the work, they sell the product before it’s ready, they interrupt the process to use the process, they stop development here to develop there when the development there needs the development here.

Skippy strategy: Going slower right is faster than going faster wrong.