June 10, 2020

Small mountain


Even with a solid work ethic, even with discipline, even with focus, sometimes the non-urgent but ultimately important and non-negotiable work that only you can do builds into a small mountain of things to be done. And every day – sometimes, every email – adds to the heap.

The temptation, factoring in and making allowances every other little thing you’re up to, is to nibble at it. To pick a bit here and a bit there in the five minutes between this and that. To choose the easiest thing, or the fastest, or the one that woke you up last night. And it might work. You might get to the bottom of the pile. Eventually.

The answer though, is to chow down. Clear a decent hunk of time, start at the top and keep on going. 

Skippy strategy: From “needs doing” … turn it into a pile of work that’s “been done“.