September 6, 2016

So clean


It’s a slippery slope to complexity.

First one thing, then a nuance, accommodate that idea, bolt on a bit here, add some chrome there, allow for special circumstances, oh, and that thing those people talked about in that taxi-cab meeting we had on the way to …

Many little decisions. Tactical manoeuvres. All perfectly reasoned at the time. All adding value. But taken together, diminishing the whole. Somehow, the more you built in, the less useable it became.

Now, too much baggage makes it difficult to use, almost impossible to explain, wallowing in inertia with glacial clock-speeds and zero consensus on what to do next.

Strip it back.

Rediscover the big idea. The organising thought.

Keep paring away until they say …

“So clean. So minimal. So useable.”

And then get going again.

Skippy strategy: Work your way back to the core.