April 16, 2024

So much else


The vision is strong, understandable, possible with the help of a following wind, and promises the kind of change that inspires a get-it-done attitude and going-beyond levels of performance. The project has been broken into soluble parts taken by specific people who have the skills and the motivation to get the job done.

The sense of order and planning and possibility is palpable.

All is good with the world.

We can do this!

Back at desks … the email pings, the phone rings, the spreadsheets and reports and meetings and business as usual wrap around ankles as reality hits. 

We could do this, but there’s so much else to do.

Maybe it can wait.

Project versus day-to-day? Project loses.

The only way is to make it part of the day-to-day. Take initiative on Tuesday, weave it in on Wednesday, this thing on Thursday.

Skippy strategy: Make projects part of the day-to-day.