November 18, 2016

Some people


When you do what you do, whether brilliantly or otherwise doesn’t seem to matter, people will criticise. From negative tweets to total histrionics, it’s not about you, it’s just a part of the deal.

What happens next is however, entirely up to you.

You can listen to them. You can decide that they know what they’re talking about, that these particular people deserve the benefit of the doubt and that their opinion matters more than the others.

You can ignore them. They’re haters and they have nothing to add. Right?

Or, you can put them in the pot with every other opinion, blend together, simmer over a low heat for enough time to gain perspective, then refresh your palate.

Most times, there’s truth and nonsense in both extremes, but the balance point is where to start your attention.

Skippy strategy: Do what you do. Consider feedback. Do what you do.