April 28, 2024

Somebody should


We all love a crisis (as long as it’s big enough to matter but small enough to be soluble with available resources). We pounce on it with all the thrill of the firefight. It gets our hands dirty and we feel we’re making an immediate impact. (Of course, some of us also like the opportunity to have a little moan about being in a crisis in the first place, what with it being just like the last time and shouldn’t somebody have done something about it.)



Somebody should.

(Hint: It’s you.)

If you’ve stood ankle deep in water after hosing down the latest recurrent problem, stop moaning and start doing something about it. Having mopped up the mess, look for root causes, dry them out in the sunshine and shift the system so they can’t cause a problem again.

Skippy strategy: Fight it, find it, fix it.