February 27, 2019

Something has tipped


You hope it won’t happen, but when you know it might you probably keep a ball of contingencies rolling your head. If this then that, if the other thing then we’ll try the alternate choice, if those things happen then we’ll do these. Around and around, almost without thought because rolling over the humps and bumps is the way it goes.

But when you know something has tipped from might to probably – and that it’s bad news – when do you start putting contingencies into action and when do you tell the team?

Contingencies, immediately and as discretely as you can. Sharing the news with whoever absolutely needs to take action, in confidence. 

Immediately, because the more prep time you give the more mature the process when it hits the road.

With discretion and in confidence, because unactionable knowledge is disruptive worry.

Skippy strategy: Roll out the contingency, rein in the gossip.