February 24, 2016

Something thin


There’s a natural desire to keep everything hidden until the sun is shining and all is right with the world and the project.

And then, drum roll please … ta da!

Even when our inner hippy wants to set things free, our perfectionist, procrastinating paranoia (what will they think?) conspires to hold things back. Deadlines get stretched, features added, launches postponed … just a bit more.

Most times though, it’s better to get out into the world with something than wait … wait … wait … until you have everything. Aim fire adjust fire adjust fire adjust is nearly always better than aim aim aim aim aim fire. Not always, but nearly.

The trick is to work out whether this is a one time only deal – in which case aim as fast as you can. Or an iterative feast – in which case hit Launch as soon as you can, and no later.

Skippy strategy: Go live with something thin, add weight as you grow.