October 29, 2017

Standard patter


How much do they need to know?

At one end of the scale, there’s sketchy. The good kind of sketchy – a few facts, the corners and edges of the thing – enough to put them in the picture but not show them behind every bush.

At the other, there’s all the little details. A lot. Enough to do the the thing themselves. More like training.

So, how much do they need to know? Depends on the task at hand. And in reality, that depends on the task at hand … today. Day one training is bigger picture than day one-hundred. A presentation to the technical decision maker is always a different kind of deeper dive than to the division head.

What this means to you… it’s about them and their need. Forget your standard patter, think, what does this person need to know today? Tell them that.

Skippy strategy: This person, their need, today.