July 3, 2020

Start doing


The thing about not doing things is that, assuming they’re things that need doing, they’ll just build up. After a little while, you’ll have lots of things to do and not enough time to do them. Assuming at least some of those things have dependencies, and dependent people, you have a recipe for a lot of frustrated people sitting around waiting, unable to get on with anything whilst they stare at their In Box. 

 Which pretty much describes every non-productive organisation and every non-productive person. They know what needs doing, but are seemingly unwilling or unable to get on with it.

All that to say, just get on with it. Get on and do whatever you have to do. Pick it up, deal with it, and let everyone know it’s done. Repeat. Stop delaying, stop moaning, start doing.

Skippy strategy: Do what you have to do. Today. No saying no.