August 21, 2019



Some tasks build themselves up into more than they are. Maybe it’s their significance, maybe it’s some perception of difficulty, or there’s no joy in there, or no interest, or maybe they’ve just sat on the list so long that they’ve become kind of intimidating.

The first question is whether they should be on the list in the first place – can they be deleted (they were only ever a nice to have) or delegated (someone else is better placed)? If either, job done. If not, move to step two.


Get off the sofa, put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, foot to spade and start the work. You don’t need two clear hours, you don’t need the starts to align, you don’t need anything – you just need to get on with it. Make a little progress, then make a little more.

Skippy strategy: That task you’ve been putting off? Start.