August 18, 2018

Steering the bus


The easy thing to do is deal with and moan about all that email. Absolutely it demands attention. Sure it’s a pain. There may even be things in there you need to know and have to deal with. Give yourself forty minutes, fifty tops. Delegate, delete, deal with and put the rest of it – that stuff that actually matters and demands some decent attention – in some place to do-later. 

Whatever works for you. 

Whatever lets you get back to the real work, the work that’s focused on tomorrow rather than today. The work that’s about building this organisation into the place you need it to be. The work that’s what you want to be know for.

Not the handle-turning day-to-day. Not squandering time.

The leading. The creating clarity. The building a team. The making connections. The critical contacts. Steering the bus.

Skippy strategy: Spend most time where you have most leverage.