April 12, 2021

Step back


Close to everything, where the decisions are taken and the big swings are made, everything makes sense. You have more information than anyone, more access to the levers, and more ability to use one or the other to advantage. That kind of impact breeds a certain kind of if-this-then-that certainty.

The ingredient you’re missing though? Perspective.

Up close to all those pieces, it’s impossible to see them as anything other than component parts. Parts you’re used to managing, sure, parts you’re familiar with, but parts that may well be out of step with the world, that no longer fit as well as they did, that have been superseded by alternative systems and processes and agendas and intentions.

The answer? Step back.

Find a way to take a wide field view. Make no assumptions. Explore the territory. Get some help if you have to.

Skippy strategy: Step back and see more.