May 1, 2021

Step off


Let’s say you’re trying to pull off a deal – the kind of good-for-you good-for-me deal that every party should get behind, where no one will feel aggrieved and that’s truly a win-win. Except there are some awkward questions (and there are always awkward questions). Not awkward because they point to something underhand, just awkward because there are details that need nailing, T’s that need crossing, spreadsheets that need completing.

And let’s say you go through the entire process, you make sure everyone is aware of the wins, everyone is comfortable with the costs and understands the upside. 

And let’s say the only thing left is the decision.

In short, you’ve done everything you can do.

And when you’ve done everything you can do, step off, don’t stress.

Kick off thinking about the next thing.

Skippy strategy: If you’ve done everything you can do, relax. It’s out of your hands.