March 22, 2020

Step, step


At the beginning of things we see the big picture and the end goal. Everything is drawn in broad brushes, lacking detail but full of enthusiasm and range.

Back in the real world of getting things done, it’s mostly about baby steps. 

Short, in spurts, falling over and taking wrong turns, tentative. We try this, then that, then this other thing. Some stick, some take us down a cul de sac, some actually make a difference. And every once in a while … a leap. But mostly baby steps.

One. Then another. Then another. No glory. Just head down, getting on with it, working our way around obstacles and chasms. The key words: relentless, tenacious, consistent, motivated, step, step, step.

Not much glory, not much progress every day, it’s the way the work gets done.

Skippy strategy: The key to making forward steps, is taking one steps, and then another.