October 12, 2020

Stepping back


Six months ago, you talked about solving the problem. Six months later, the definition of the problem has morphed a few times, the potential solution has come into and out of focus a few times, plenty more talking has been done, and still the symptoms are there. The only difference is that not only do the same issues bug everyone every day, now, the lack of progress irritates them too.

Sure, everything is complicated. Absolutely, it always takes longer than you’d like. And no, the best route forward isn’t always obvious.

Living the moment, fighting the good fight, with your head down and the calendar turning one day at a time, it’s easy to miss the trend line.

Stepping back, reviewing the notes, seeing the repetition, it’s easy. 

And you’ll learn to act with urgency.

Skippy strategy: Step back, review your notes, get on with doing what you said.