August 29, 2016

Sticky molasses


It starts with knowing what you want.

(Harder than it sounds – most of us wriggle away from being specific, grey areas are places to hide, not committing means an easy escape route.)

What you want: an unmistakable, clear-as-possible objective. The first kind of focus. Check.

Then the real work starts.

And, on day one, things get tricky.

There’s a problem, a competing priority, a knock-back, another idea, a second guesser, a holiday, a too-long to-do list, sticky treacle, a distracting attraction, day-to-day anchors, the urgent request, a little addition, barrier after blockage, just one more thing.

The other kind of focus – dealing with all that molasses whilst keeping your legs moving forward, pushing for the finish line, manoeuvring along the route whilst trained on the destination.

Focus isn’t on-off-on-off-off-on.

It’s full time, eyes wide open.

Skippy strategy: Deal with obstacles.