June 3, 2020

Stop talking


We could wait. We could zoom around and talk about it. We could hang around until we have not choice but to start. We could base the plan on the best case scenario and hope that all the duck will be lined up in neat little rows when we need them. We could poke the idea around a little bit more, a thought experiment, something we talk about at dinner as an intellectual exercise.

Or we could get on with it. We could start preparing, chopping, slicing, mincing, combining, blending, smoothing, heating, experimenting, cooking. We could bring our brightest stars together, point them at due North and prod them between the shoulder blades. We could act. We could take steps. We could learn-along and we go along.

Nothing gets done until people stop talking about it, get up off the sofa and start doing it. 

Skippy strategy: Do the doing.