August 5, 2021

Streams become waterfalls


There are always numbers we care about. The financial ones, the human ones, the key performance ones, the ones going the right way and the ones going the wrong way.

The first job most people do is to set up monitoring systems to track them. The second job, still obvious but seemingly less common, is to actually monitor them and notice when things move away from expectations. The third job, even less standard MO than noticing changes, is doing something when the variations get too far from whack.

When things go from ten to nought we notice and react pretty quick. It’s the slow burns that foxes us. Ten, to 9.8, to 9.5 then left alone some more, can creep, no change remarkable comparing week-to-week, nothing striking, until … What! When did that happen?

Skippy strategy: Set up your numbers, keep an eye on them, act when streams become waterfalls.