August 30, 2016

Suggestible me


We go through life reading the runes.

Trying to work out from scant scratchings in impervious rocks the way the wind has blown and its direction of change. We take or lose heart at the barely audible beat of distant drums. We pay attention and second guess every he-said she-said rumour that smokes on the horizon.

We’re suggestible.

Feeling positive, that sign is a clear pointer north. Feeling negative, the same sign points south.

We’re emotional.

Anytime we’re dependent on others, it’s a punt. We can live in hope, letting our spirits rise and fall with every passing phantom.

We’re irrational.

So, keep moving forward. Putting energy into actions. Doing what we can to push our agenda and prepare for either outcome.

If x, do this. If y, do that.

Be practical.

Skippy strategy: Accept the ebb and flow of emotions, and keep walking anyway.